EV charging in the public sector: 6 steps to expand your infrastructure

ubitricity’s step-by-step guide will support local authorities in their expansion of public charging networks.

Why do councils and local authorities need a EV infrastructure guide?

AC and DC charging, standalone and lamppost chargers, new electric vehicle technologies – the world of e-mobility is a complex one. And a world which is in a constant state of innovation. To guide local authorities through this world, ubitricity, operator of the UK’s largest public charging network, has released a new EV charging infrastructure guide.

Based on six steps, the guide leads step-by-step through the process of expanding the public charging infrastructure.

What the EV charging infrastructure guide is about

The ubitricity EV charging infrastructure guide covers topics like the importance of public charging infrastructure, how to find the right public charging solutions for your area, how to plan the roll-out, how to secure funding and many more!

Core content

  • Get to know the world of e-mobility
  • The importance of public charging infrastructure
  • Finding the right public charging solutions for your area
  • Get to know ubitricity’s innovative charging solutions such as lamppost charge points
  • Plan the roll-out, secure your funding and benefit from match-funding offers
  • Getting your public charge points installed and running
  • Ensuring the future readiness of your infrastructure

About ubitricity

ubitricity is a member of the Shell Group. The name stems from “ubiquitous electricity” and it’s the company’s mission to provide “Electricity, for Everyone, Everywhere” through its range of innovative solutions for charging electric cars. ubitricity is well-known for running the UK’s largest public charging network with its compact and robust retrofitted lamppost EV charge points. Learn more

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