Zero cost offer for councils:
Public on-street EV charge points.

Your journey to net-zero starts with EV charging: Enable your residents to switch to EVs with public on-street charge points by ubitricity.

The UK’s most popular on-street charge point1 is now available at potentially zero cost2 to councils.


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ubitricity is leading the public EV charging network in the UK with over 5,000 charge points around the country. We bring electricity right to the doorsteps of EV drivers with our famous retrofitted lamp post EV charge points.

Our mission is not only to support EV drivers, but especially you, the local councils. The faster you provide convenient charging options, the faster your residents switch to EVs and the quicker your council makes progress on air quality and carbon emissions targets.

ubitricity’s EV lamp post charge points

  • Ideal for areas where residents park in the street
  • Quick to install exactly where residents need them
  • Low cost for residents to use, no app or membership needed
  • Easy to use with a standard Type 2 cable
  • Encourages overnight charging, great for renewable energy
  • Blends in, perfect for conservation areas
  • Tiny footprint on pavement and silent
  • Full customer service and maintenance included

How does the funding work?

Installing EV charge points is one of the key challenges for councils in the UK. Even with the generous grants from OZEV, many councils’ budgets are too stretched to cover the investment.

Time for some good news. As ubitricity is part of the Shell Group, we can match your council’s goals with the ability to implement.

Shell recently announced its ambition to install 50,000 on-street charge points by 2025. The company is backing up this ambition with an offer to cover the difference between the 75% contribution from OZEV and the remaining cost of the project.

What are the advantages of on-street charging?

ubitricity’s on-street charging solutions offer enormous advantages for EV drivers and councils. Let’s see why.


Convenient charging…

  • for residents without a private parking space (in major cities around 40-60%)
  • with a standard Type 2 cable
  • by using Pay-As-You-Go, RFID-cards and other billing options


Easy roll-out with…

  • low investment costs & high scalability
  • quick installations and no groundworks
  • high combability with the exisiting grid
  • low-cost maintenance 

The UK’s most popular on-street charge point1 is now available at potentially zero cost2 to councils.

Benefit from the expertise of ubitricity

By running the UK’s largest charging network, we gained a lot of expertise in the roll-out of public charging infrastructure. We know about the needs of councils and are excited to support you in the transformation to e-mobility.

EV lamp post charge point

  • fully fitted into the lamp post
  • blends seamlessly into the cityscape
  • keeps pavements clear and adds another benefit to existing infrastructure
  • approved frameworks supplier (CCS, YPO, ESPO)
  • Type 2 plug for EV standard cables
  • 5.5kW charging speed
  • Quick installation, approx. 60 minutes per charge point
  • Easy to relocate (e.g. for new bike lane)
  • Grid-friendly, no expansion needed

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1Most popular on-street charge point measured by number of installed public charge points shown on Zapmap.

2This offer is dependent on some commercial conditions, to explore whether we can put together a zero-cost offer for your council, please contact us.